How To Keep Your Feet Soft And Smooth At Home in Autumn

How To Keep Your Feet Soft And Smooth At Home in Autumn

Summer has come to an end and as we say goodbye to our sandals for another year, now is the perfect time to focus on foot health and give feet a little bit of TLC to prepare them for hibernation.  Follow our quick and easy tips on how to keep feet soft and smooth at home this autumn…

Although we all love summer, the warmer weather and wearing flat sandals and flip flops 24/7 can be hard on the feet. If you want super soft, smooth feet, exfoliation is the first step to help get rid of any hard, dry, rough patches and reveal radiant skin. Use a foot file on dry skin twice a week concentrating on the heels, ball of the foot and areas with callus and then follow by massaging the Exfoliating Foot Scrub into the feet with some warm water to reach any parts the foot file can’t. Rinse off and run your hands across your feet - you won’t believe the difference!

Treat your feet to a warming soak. Not only will a footbath relax tired feet but it will also help to soften and moisturise sore, dry skin. The Soothing Foot Soak contains healing Manuka Honey and energising Ginger Extract to leave feet feeling hydrated and refreshed. Use a couple of times a week or as often as you like!

The skin on your feet is 12 times thicker than on the rest of your body which makes it so important to use a dedicated foot cream rather than a body lotion for healthy feet and silky smooth skin. Apply the Conditioning Foot Cream all over and take a few minutes to very slowly massage it into the feet, nails and around the ankles- a great time to relax the mind and unwind!

It’s important that you give your feet the same care and attention that you’d give the rest of your body so make sure to moisturise daily to keep them looking and feeling their best. For a really intensive, skin softening treatment, use the Conditioning Foot Cream before bed and pop some socks on which will help to lock in the moisture.

If you’ve noticed cracks in the heels of your feet, don’t despair! Cracks appear in the feet when skin becomes so dry and brittle that the skin eventually splits apart. Protect them by using our innovative Crack Sealer on any cracks. The sealer forms a thin, transparent barrier on the skin to prevent surface cracks from deepening and the quick dry formula helps to lock in moisture, keep the skin hydrated and give a smoothing effect that lasts all day. Follow with the Cracked Heel Balm as your moisturiser until the cracks have healed. The nourishing daily balm helps to improve the look and feel of cracked heels and contains lactic and salicylic acids to gently exfoliate and renew dead, dry skin and Coconut oil and Cacao seed to soften.