Bare Feet and Hands FAQs

How will my package arrive? Collapse

Standard delivery packages will be sent in a box or a bubble bag, the size of which is determined by the number and sizes of products ordered.

What if I would like my delivery sent to a different address? Collapse

During the order process you will have the opportunity to decide which address you would like the package to be sent. This can differ from the account address where the receipt will be sent.

I have not received my order, what should I do?Collapse

During the order process, you will automatically receive the order notification and confirmation of despatch. If you subsequently do not receive your goods please telephone +44203 984 0745 where your order will be tracked on your behalf.

Do you deliver to BFPO addresses?Collapse

Supporting service personnel and their families all over the globe is very important to us and we do deliver to BFPO addresses.

Are Bare Feet products safe to use during pregnancy?Collapse

Bare Feet products are safe to use during pregnancy and during breast feeding.

Are Bare Feet products safe to use on children?Collapse

Bare Feet products are also safe to use on children over 3 years or age.

Are Bare Feet products safe to use with diabetes?Collapse

Bare Feet products are safe to use for diabetics.

Do Bare Feet products have an expiry date?Collapse

Bare Feet products expire 12 months after opening and 2 years unopened.

What happens if I get a skin reaction following the use of any product?Collapse

It is very unusual for Bare Feet products to cause an irritation to the skin. Skin reactions can occur for a number of reasons, including product combinations so that a product may react if it comes into contact with another perfume, product, or detergent etc. If a reaction occurs the area should be bathed in warm water with a little salt added to neutralise. The product can be re-introduced to the skin at a later date, and the skin tested first with just a small amount of product.

Where are Bare Feet products made?Collapse

Bare Feet products are made in the UK.

Does Bare Feet test its products on animals?Collapse

We do not test any of our products on animals nor do we source ingredients from companies which test on animals.

Is the product packaging used recyclable?Collapse

All of our bottles, jars, cardboard retail cartons and the boxes we ship our products in are fully recyclable.