Top tips for foot-care in the heat

Top tips for foot-care in the heat

Who doesn't love summer?! Longer days, busy social calendars, eating and drinking outside - there are so many things to enjoy about the summer season, but the hot weather can come with its downsides; including hot, sweaty or puffy feet.

Even if you have been preparing your feet for sandal season, do you know how to protect and maintain your foot health in the blazing summer sun?

Say goodbye to hot, sweaty and uncomfortable feet with our top tips on how to treat your feet in the heat.

How can the heat be rough on your feet?

The most common foot complaints from the heat are hot, sweaty and smelly feet. Not only are these uncomfortable, but they can trigger a more severe health issue, as they are more prone to infection.

Swelling and inflammation is another frequent foot complaint found during summer. This is due to the increase in temperature & humidity combined with the boost in activity levels.

People are more active in summer but wear less supportive shoes, which can cause foot pain and other injuries. Equally, wearing tight, closed shoes increases moisture, which increases the risk of bacterial & fungal infections, i.e. Athlete’s Foot. Walking barefoot can also cause corns & blisters, as well as cracks in the skin.

How do you treat hot, sweaty feet?

Start off by wearing comfortable, aerated and supportive shoes to prevent sweat and decrease the risk of infection.

Keep your feet cool with our summer essential Cooling Foot Spray. This refreshing mist instantly helps to cool and revive tired, aching feet and legs, as well as reduce bacteria, keeping feet hygienic, healthy and protected. Its size makes it the perfect product to carry with you and use whenever you need! It is beautifully scented with the uplifting fragrance of Green Tea & zesty Lime, which helps to reduce foot odour & sweat, leaving feet feeling fresh and fragrant.

Indulge in a daily relaxation session and soothe your skin with a foot soak. The Soothing Foot Soak is formulated with powerful plant-based ingredients to help ease sore, aching feet and legs, and leave them feeling cleansed, moisturised and refreshed. This pampering product is perfect to help reduce swelling and moisturise the skin.

We’ve got a treat for dehydrated feet! The award-winning Conditioning Foot Cream is an effective treatment, which helps to hydrate the feet and reduce the build-up of hard skin and callus. Use daily to improve the look and feel of the skin.