How to treat calluses on the bottom of your feet

How to treat calluses on the bottom of your feet

Callus build-up is a common foot condition, but luckily it is very easy to treat with the correct tools and know-how. Read our podiatrist-approved guide on how to identify and treat callus.

How to know if you have callus

Calluses, also referred to as hard skin, are caused by repeated pressure or friction on a particular area of the skin, usually occurring on the soles of the feet. Thick, hardened layers of the skin develop in response to pressure and on the feet it is often gait related to protect the affected area from irritants and prevent cracks in the skin. Callus can be unsightly and can feel uncomfortable, and painful to pressure, for example if you knock the area.

How do corns differentiate from callus?

Corns are central areas of callus and can be very sensitive and painful when pressed upon, and are usually found on the toes, or under-weight bearing areas such as under the ball of the foot or the metatarsal heads. Unlike callus, pressure over the top of the corn will radiate pain.

What are the causes of calluses and how do you treat them?

Callus is most commonly caused and exacerbated by gait-related issues, wearing ill-fitting, non-cushioned shoes, not wearing socks and walking barefoot on hard surfaces.

To prevent the reoccurrence of callus it is important to eliminate the source of pressure – wear shoes that fit and are comfortable, wear socks and above all, follow an effective foot care regime! If you have diabetes/poor blood flow, it is important to also seek medical advice.

Start the treatment by using a foot file. The Bare Feet Foot File is the perfect tool to remove thickened, hard skin, leaving the feet feeling silky smooth. To effectively remove callus build-up, file once a week and always on dry skin – it is common to file too much with wet skin, which can lead to sore feet and open cracks.

Follow this with a foot scrub to ensure all the dry skin is removed, especially in those out-of-reach places, such as in between your toes. The Exfoliating Foot Scrub is formulated with Coconut Shell & Apricot Stone to remove dead, dry skin resulting in soft and radiant feet.

To stop the callus from re-emerging, apply the Conditioning Foot Cream daily. This moisturising foot cream is designed with nourishing Avocado Oil to hydrate the skin, as well as keep it healthy and protected. The foot cream does not only work as a preventative measure, but will also leave feet feeling pampered.